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Kickstart with GS Motorcycle Tours

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

When we look back at 2020 in future years to come it will always be remembered for sadly the number of lives lost and financial devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, but hopefully with numbers dropping and vaccines on the horizon there is a feel of confidence in the air and hopefully we may return to some sort of normality by spring 2021, and let's face it

"We all need a Kickstart".

With governments all over the world implementing restrictions, lockdowns and different ideas to combat the virus it has still spread throughout the globe causing devastation and financial chaos in it's wake, so maybe it's time we as a motorcycling community stood together in unity to try and ease the financial burden on our fellow brothers and sisters irrespective of our political persuasions.

It is with this in mind GS Motorcycle Tours is launching a campaign to help to try and revive all the businesses that serve our great motorcycling brotherhood.

The pandemic with it's lockdowns and restrictions has devastated industries and businesses all over the world including those within our own motorcycling community, whatever the business may be whether it's motorcycle accessories, sales, parts or motorcycle tourism (including my own), they have all suffered and here at GS Motorcycle Tours we believe it lies within us all to help our industry and those businesses associated with it back to the pre-pandemic levels.

We are all brothers and sisters within our great motorcycling community and just as we would not leave a brother or sister by the roadside let us not leave those same brothers and sisters by the wayside.

There are thousands of us employed in the motorcycle industry which have suffered financially and will continue to do so, but also let us not forget all our fellow riders that are employed in small businesses not normally associated with the industry such as plumbers, builders, tradesmen etc. that are also suffering financial hardship.

So the next time you need a product or service, please if you can, help a fellow rider, brother or sister as they do not have the financial clout of Amazon or eBay or some other faceless corporation behind them. They are just local honest people trying to make a living in these trying times. Yes, they may cost and extra pound, euro or dollar, but remember you are helping a comrade, a fellow rider, someone who will provide an extra personal service and expertise and someone who will be missed if their business is forced to close. Remember these are the local small businesses that for years you have asked to donate and sponsor your local charities, school events, sports clubs, organisations etc. and now is the time they need our help.

Also our campaign is not just about giving financial support, it is also about being aware there may be those amongst us who are struggling to maintain their mental wellbeing.

Many of our brothers and sisters may well be struggling to cope mentally, possibly suffering from insomnia, depression and anxiety, they may have been forced to self isolate for months, or had very little social interaction, so please take a few moments to give them a call, pay them a visit if possible, invite them out for a ride and make them feel valued and unforgotten, remember not everyone has access to a large group of friends, or social media and below are are a few ideas that might help.

If someone doesn’t feel ready to meet face-to-face, picking up the phone, having a video call, starting a group chat or messaging someone on social media lets them know you are there to talk and ready to listen.

If someone opens up to you, remember that you don't need to fix things or offer advice. Often just listening, and showing you take them seriously, can help someone to manage.

Ask how people are managing, and ask again if you're worried they aren't sharing the full picture. Asking again, with interest, can help someone to open up and explore what they're feeling.

Please remember whatever your thoughts and feelings are regarding Covid-19 there is no political agenda here, we are all affected in different ways and some more than others and all we are interested in is that we do what we do best and help our fellow bikers, brothers and sisters and come together as a real community wherever we are in the world.

So please let's help everyone and Kickstart our businesses and share this campaign and let's get it to go viral.

With regards to the campaign I too am hoping to attract friends and customers old and new to come and tour with us here in sunny Spain and to see for yourself why I believe Andalucia is a motorcycle paradise, and to help encourage customers I have decided to extend my Free Motorcycle Tours for all Healthcare and Emergency Workers offer from earlier on this year for the whole of 2021.

Also this year in we are offering "No Deposit" on all tours at the time of booking, as well as generous discounts based on the number of riders that participate in one of our Grand or Weekend tours, please email us for more details on gsmotorcycletours@outlook.com.




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