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Short Break Tour 

This tour focuses on the wonderful and unique Sierra de la Contraviesa or the truly magnificent Sierra Nevada or the beautiful white villages of the Sierra los Alpujarras. Ride to the lost village of El Acebuchal and return to our guesthouse at Velez de Benaudalla along the winding coast road along the Mediterranean Ocean confirming once again that Andalucia truly is a motorcycle paradise and a joy to ride.

DAY 1.  Airport transfer and check-in at the Guesthouse

DAY 2.  Tour & accommodation 


Leaving Velez we head east towards Almeria before turning north and heading into the Desierto de Tabernas which is Europe's only desert before stopping for lunch. We then proceed to Alto Velefique and riding along what can only be described as one of the best Motorcycling roads ever. Then we begin our descent towards Gérgal and over the beautiful Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada before heading back to Velez around 5.00pm.

Approximate Distance 334 km/ 208 miles

DAY 3.  Tour & accommodation 

La Calahorra

Leaving Velez we head east towards Cadiar before heading north into the Parque Nacional de Sierra Nevada over the stunning Puerto la Ragua. From La Calahorra we wind our way eastwards through small villages and winding roads towards Granada before heading southwards back to Velez around 5.00pm.

Approximate Distance 230 km/ 143 miles

DAY 4.  Airport transfer and check-out

Level of Riding Experience required.

We try and cater for all skill levels and can change our routes to cater to your skill level and ensure the most fun for all, but we have to remind everyone that we are not a training or learning school and expect everyone to have a certain level of riding ability.

Some of the routes we use can be quite technical with steep ascents and descents with many tight twists and bends and could be classified as requiring an intermediate or advanced skill level.

Also, it is quite common for other riders to be on the tour and as we have an obligation for everyone to enjoy the tour we therefore insist that everyone has the required experience below in order not to slow down the group.

  • Ride at the national speed limit, 90 km/h (60 mph) or as signed on open country roads, 120 km/h (75 mph) on motorways.

  • Have recent riding experience

  • Comfortable with twisty bends, curves and leans

  • Steep ascents, descents and mountainous roads

  • Can ride for 3-4 hours

  • Comfortable riding in a group

So, therefore if you feel that you do not meet these requirements and would still like to participate in a tour please contact us for more information, or visit our Individual or Refresher Tours.

If we feel that your riding ability is not of the standard required listed above and have not informed us, and you are a hazard to yourself or other riders, or cause resentment by continually slowing down the group, then we reserve the right to cancel your tour with no refund or compensation, or provide a separate guide depending on availability at a cost to yourself, or endeavour to provide an amicable solution for all parties.

Cost of Tour 730 € per person

Cost of Tour 830 € with pillion

Price includes airport transfers*, 2 days guided touring, Motorcycle rental, insurance 

and 3 nights accommodation with breakfast.

Please Contact us for more details

N.B. Routes and itinerary may change due to circumstances

For a full list of available routes click here

*Add 60€ surcharge for Malaga or Granada airport arrivals or departures outside of 10am to 10pm

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