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Andalucia, a Bikers Paradise!

Updated: Jan 28

Welcome to Andalucia, a motorcycle paradise just waiting to be explored, there are festivals and feria where people dance in traditional costumes, while drinking and eating and enjoying life. They ride on proud horses, it's the home of Flamenco, and it will be hard to find another place in Europe where people work to live as much as in Andalucia, where most things can be done "mañana", where the heart counts more than the brain.

Andalucia, Spain - Stunning motorcycle touring with GS Motorcycle Tours

Andalucia is a superb motorcycle country, even in high summer, temperature is ideal in the mountains, and the Mediterranean Sea or Atlantic Ocean are close by. The Sierra Nevada and Alpujarras, the mountains around Ronda, and the mountains above Sevilla offer wonderful mountain roads.

Sevilla is a town like a fairy tale, and Cordoba and Granada offer superb Moorish architecture as well. Sometimes it seems like there are more bars than people, and all of them have tapas, beer, wine, and refreshing non-alcoholic drinks. You could go to the circuit of Jerez, see the cliff of Ronda, or wander through the desert of Cabo de Gata.

Horses resting up on the Andalucia mountainside

Andalucia has a varied terrain, with its marshes and valleys, passing through meadows, rolling hills, forests and mountains, deserts and craggy peaks. It is all accessible from your preferred mode of transportation, the motorcycle. It paints a sometimes unrivalled, incredible scene.

As we wind through the surprising landscapes, secondary roads lead us from village to village, from region to region, introducing us to the most authentic aspects of the land, its customs, its culture and its people. With mild temperatures most of the year, there is nothing like being seduced by a good route, and of course, a good stop where we can enjoy the culinary delicacies of Andalucia on a terrace, enjoying the light, sun and charm of the region.

Andalucia is also delicious food and wine, cities with old castles, monasteries and churches, reminiscences of Celts, Romans, Moorish kings and architects, and catholic rulers, proud people who are very Spanish in the eyes of outsiders, and who are completely different from the Spaniards in the next village, according to themselves.

You could spend weeks, months, years on a motorcycle, and never be bored.

WARNING : you will get hooked!

What are you waiting for, come and see for yourself you will not be disappointed.

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Lake in the foothills of Granada
One of many stunning lakes across Andalucia

Andalucia, a bikers paradise is nearer than you think !