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Why Choose GSmotorcycletours ?


Here at GSmotorcycletours we firmly believe that we offer the best value motorcycle tours in Europe against the most beautiful backdrop a motorcyclist could wish for, amazing scenery, deserted roads, smooth tarmac and more twists and bends that you ever thought possible. Being passionate about motorcycling we want to share this amazing country with other like minded people and unlike some other tour companies who chase the almighty dollar, or just want to get from A to B as fast as possible, we want to make the experiences last a lifetime and leave you wanting to come back year after year. We also believe that at GSmotorcycletours you arrive as a guest but leave as a lifelong friend and it is with this in mind we have put together our reasons why you should make GSmotorcycletours your number one choice for a guided tour, but don't  take our word for it read for yourself what previous customers think by clicking on the links below.

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OK so maybe this shouldn’t be the first consideration, but for many the cost of a planned trip will be at the top of their list.

At first glance Independent Travel seems to be the cheaper option, but once you factor in all the additional costs such as ferries, hotels, fuel, tolls, bike insurance then the costs will spiral. You also need to bear in mind that if the bike breaks down while you are hundreds of miles away from home, all the costs of repairs and the return of the bike could be expensive as well as inconvenient. Also don’t forget to cost your own time; the time taken to ride to your destination, or organising routes and accommodation all of which will take time and if your time is precious then paying someone else to do this makes sense.

A major plus with Guided Tours and GSmotorcycletours is that you know what will be the final cost of your tour from the moment you book with us. All you then have to factor in is the cost of flights, meals and refreshments.


With Independent Travel you need to have a more flexible approach to time. This may be just taking more time off to allow for a less structured and laid back trip or maybe because an extra night or two is preferred after a long day riding, or a breakdown, or other delays causing missed ferries etc.

One of the major advantages of a Guided Tour with GSmotorcycletours is that you have a clear timescale and this means that you know exactly how long you will be away from the moment you leave home for the airport. For the majority of us with only 20 to 25 days holiday a year this is important. Another advantage with GSmotorcycletours is that short trips are a lot easier as you can be at your destination within hours instead of taking days to arrive via the Independent Travel route.

Group riding in Andalucia


If you are riding independently, then of course you get to decide where to go and how long to stay in each place, both of which are not necessarily under your control with a tour company. Undoubtedly independent riders have the most flexibility to control their own route, it’s just that when you get somewhere truly amazing it would be a shame to ride past it without even knowing.

With GSmotorcycletours we know the area like the back of our hand and we become part of your tour, one who always knows where the best roads and twisties are, or where the best dinner is served, or where the best sunset can be seen.

There’s no losing time at home for planning and preparation, or need to worry about all the tricky little details regarding the bikes and looking at maps to decide the routes that you’re going to ride.

You can ride luggage free as we return to our guesthouse every evening, which is a great relief because you don’t need to worry about the space allowing more room for those souvenirs, which you may pick up along the tour.



When riding independently there is the freedom to choose the route, although everyone should be familiar with the route in case anyone gets separated from the group especially when negotiating towns or villages. Also knowledge of the language would be helpful if asking directions.

With GSmotorcycletours you get to know us, and we get to know you and your abilities and riding preferences, and therefore we will discuss the next day’s route each evening based on your preferences. We will set a pace that is comfortable to all and there is no need to worry about which turn to take, or which direction to go for the guide knows the area and roads extensively, including speed cameras, just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Most importantly we are  motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves and we will take you on the best routes because we LOVE them too.

Overlooking Puerto de Velefique


Here at GSmotorcycletours we take great pride in all our bikes that are owned by ourselves, they are not leased or rented and therefore we treat them like you all treat your own bikes, because they are all our own bikes. We maintain and service all our bikes ourselves regularly and therefore get to know them intimately and before and after any tour they are inspected thoroughly and cleaned meticulously. Therefore when you book a tour with GSmotorcycletours you can be confident that the bikes have been lovingly prepared just for you.


We all ride bikes, so we know that things can go wrong. In our own country we can usually rely on mates or breakdown recovery to come to the rescue, so roadside repairs are not really too much of a consideration, but if you are riding in a different country this may not be an option, you may need to sort the problem yourself. So just consider, how good are you at roadside repairs? Have you ever changed a tube or mended a puncture on a motorcycle at the side of a busy road? Therefore you will need to bring sufficient tools with you to allow basic repairs. If you have no tyre levers, puncture kit and no pump, then a puncture is going to bring your adventure to a swift stop, so plan ahead and pack what you might need.

With GSmotorcycletours these issues are far less of a problem. If a bike has a problem, then GSmotorcycletours will have someone on hand to sort it, and if they can’t they will swiftly exchange your bike for another bike so you can continue on with your tour.

Riding in the Sierra de Contraviesa

Both Guided Tours and Independent Tours have merits and disadvantages for all riders. For some, the thrill of doing it all yourself, taking on an entirely new country and all its challenges on a motorcycle is the best holiday in the world and it’s a great way to spend your time.


For others, Guided Tours with GSmotorcycletours provide all the experiences you want, wrapped up in a hassle free package where all you have to do is turn up and ride, we even provide helmets and jackets. From our point of view, we’re happy to help motorcyclists from all over the world experience Andalucia. The choice is yours, but don’t just think about it, DO IT.


Alternatively, if you still prefer to ride the Self Guided route why not consider our Self Guided Tours or our Motorcycle Rentals and discover the stunning countryside of Andalucia for yourself.

That way you are free to ride independently and GSmotorcycletours are on hand to help you every step of the way to ensure you have a wonderful holiday.

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